RINNOL MARINE: protection in the “perfect storm”

This fall, the RINNOL Technical department pleased industrial customers with a long-awaited novelty – RINNOL MARINE.

Two viscosity classes: SAE 30 and SAE 40 – will ensure the optimal choice of the most suitable oil under different operating conditions.

These lubricants are designed specifically for 4-stroke engines. They are excellent for use in both medium-speed marine and stationary engines running on residual fuel.

The important advantages of RINNOL MARINE TI 3030 And TI 4030 oils include the fact that they combine an exclusive and innovative formulation of the best and latest additive technologies with highly refined bases. This provides the final oil with excellent performance characteristics, which will be enough with a margin not only at high levels of loads inherent in the latest generation engines, but also for new developments (the oils will be perfectly applicable in diesel engine models of the future). The choice of oils of this brand is thus more profitable in the long term for any shipowner.

RINNOL MARINE is already with distributors in Russia.