Rinnol made the second delivery of lubricants for the Pokrovsky concern

Since October 2022, Rinnol has become a supplier of lubricants for the fleet of one of the largest agricultural producers in the country — the Pokrovsky Concern. At the end of February, the second delivery was already made — in total, the manufacturer will provide the concern with 28 tons of motor and transmission oils for agricultural machinery.

It is a great honor that such a major player in the agricultural market chose our oils for his fleet of vehicles. The profitability of this business directly depends on the condition of the equipment: machines should not be idle in repair, and the costs of their maintenance should remain adequate. We are glad that we were able to correctly convey the value of Rinnol products for agricultural machinery and close the concern’s need. Our further task is to establish ourselves as a reliable partner even in a turbulent period for the market” comments Andrey Nosov, Commercial Director of Rinnol Russia.

For 4 months, the Pokrovsky Concern has been using Rinnol oils in the operation of more than 2000 units of equipment, including John Deere 7.8.9, New Holland 6.7.8, Case Puma 210, Claas Tucano, Claas Lexion. The concern’s specialists note that there are no comments on the operation of the equipment, while the lubricants used allow it to be operated at full capacity.

Rinnol engineers take oil samples for pilot testing every 10,000 km of mileage. A detailed report with the test results will be provided by the end of 2023.

Recall that Rinnol offers for agricultural machinery mineral engine oil Rinnol Selenium Agri 15W-40 and transmission oil Rinnol Selenium Agri T422 10W-30. The oils are multifunctional and provide perfect engine protection even in the harshest operating conditions. The manufacturer Rinnol uses the basic raw materials and additives exclusively of European production, for the manufacture of all lines of lubricants, including agro.