Transmission oil synth. RINNOL TOP GEAR 9 EP 75W80 GL4 (e1L)

Article number 100773

RINNOL TOP GEAR 9 EP 75W80 GL4 is a highly efficient synthetic transmission oil for modern manual transmissions of commercial vehicles operating in a wide variety of conditions, including the most intensive and heavily loaded. Thanks to the use of high-quality base oils and an advanced additive package, it provides excellent switching smoothness and has optimal viscosity characteristics at both low and high temperatures. It is especially recommended for operation with an extended oil change interval, and is also suitable for any applications requiring API GL-4 performance level.


Manufacturer's tolerances MAN 341 Type Z5,MAN 341 Type VR, ZF-TE-ML 01E,ZF-TE-ML 02E,ZF-TE-ML 16P,VOITH CLASS C,VOLVO 97307, MB 235.29

Viscosity 75W-80

Viscosity index 150

Oil composition Synthetic

API Specification GL4

Volume 1

T freezing -42