Motor oil synth. RINNOL OLGER PREMIUM 10W-40 (e200L)

* Since September 2023, the design of a 200 liter barrel without a yellow stripe.

Motor oil synth. RINNOL OLGER PREMIUM 10W-40 (e200L)

Article number 100360

OLGER PREMIUM 10W-40 is a synthetic-based engine oil with exceptional performance characteristics for modern high-loaded diesel engines, consisting of a combination of high-quality base oils and a highly effective additive package.
It has excellent resistance against viscosity increase and aging, prevents the formation of all kinds of deposits in the engine, and also provides a high level of corrosion protection. Its use makes it possible to increase the service life of the engine to overhaul under any possible operating conditions (at high speeds and maximum loads, with frequent and short runs, operation in the “start-stop” mode, etc.


Manufacturer's tolerances MB 228.5, MTU Oil Category 3, MAN M3277, MACK EO-N, RENAULT RLD, RLD-2, RD-2, DEUTZ DQC III-18, DAF, Scania LDF-3, Volvo VDS-3

Viscosity 10W-40

Viscosity index 156

Oil composition Synthetic

API Specification CF

ACEA Specification E4, E7

Volume 200

Pour point -42