Motor oil miner. RINNOL OLGER PREMIUM 15W-40 (e20L)

Motor oil miner. RINNOL OLGER PREMIUM 15W-40 (e20L)

Article number 191998

RINNOL OLGER PREMIUM 15W40 – high-quality heavy-duty engine oil that extends the service life of diesel engines operating under high loads. It is produced on the basis of specially selected base oils and a perfectly balanced additive system to increase the engine oil change interval and reduce oil and fuel consumption.


Manufacturer's tolerances JASO DH-1, MB 228.3, MAN 3275-1, MTU, DDC Type 2, Volvo VDS-3, Renault Trucks RLD-2, MACK EO-N/EO-M+, CUMMINS CES 20076/78, Detroit Diesel DDC 93K215, Allison C4 Level

Viscosity 15W40

Viscosity index 135

Oil composition Mineral

API Specification CI-4/SL

ACEA Specification E7-12

Volume 20

T freezing -28