Motor oil synth. RINNOL QUANT М ULTRA 5W-30 (e1L)

Motor oil synth. RINNOL QUANT М ULTRA 5W-30 (e1L)

Article number 191714

RINNOL QUANT M ULTRA 5W30 – synthetic-based engine oil, which provides a long service life of engines, an increased level of their protection and additional fuel economy, is specially developed primarily according to the requirements of the Ford standard, but is also suitable for use in engines of cars of other brands with appropriate viscosity and quality requirements.


Manufacturer's tolerances MB-Approval 229.3 VW 502.00/505.00 BMW Longlife- 01, Renault RN 0710/RN0700

Viscosity 5W-30

Viscosity index 150

Oil composition Synthetic

API Specification SM/CF

ACEA Specification A3/B3/B4

Volume 1

Pour point -33