The movement towards excellence!

The new RINNOL is a product that combines stylish design, high performance, improved packaging functionality, reliability and environmental compatibility.

The pursuit of excellence permeates all aspects of our lives — from our work and education to our relationships and personal growth. We are constantly learning, developing and applying new knowledge and skills to become better at what we do.

Therefore, we have developed a new packaging for our products, making it easier to use and transport. We sincerely hope that using our product will bring not only benefits for your equipment, but also pleasure for you.

Development is a process that requires constant introspection and self—improvement. We strive to ensure that our actions are conscious and purposeful. Now each new RINNOL label has a QR code with a link to the Technical Specification of the product.

Our products in “1L” containers are now packed in 12 pieces, in “4L” containers in 4 pieces, and the cardboard packaging has a more rigid base so that it is more convenient for our partners’ employees to ship, transport, store and deliver to RINNOL customers. Because people are more important, and improvement is not only an individual process, but also a collective one. We strive for excellence together with our colleagues, friends and family, support and inspire each other to reach new heights and overcome difficulties.

We value each of our clients and are ready to provide you with high-quality support. If you have any questions or problems, our team of experts is always ready to help you. We also welcome your feedback and are ready to take into account your wishes for further improvement of RINNOL products.


Together we become stronger and more perfect. We are building a better world where everyone has the opportunity to realize their potential and achieve their goals. We believe in the power of development and improvement and are ready to move forward to create a better future for all of us!