Antifreeze of the Spanish recipe Rinnol will appear in Russia

Rinnol company will present in Russia a low-freezing coolant of class G12/G12+. The Eco Drive Coolant Red antifreeze formula was developed by the Spanish investment company Euro Mix Oil Sl.

Ready-made Rinnol coolants do not freeze at temperatures up to -37 ° C and provide all-season comprehensive protection of the engine and cooling systems of all types of cars. The range also includes Eco Drive Coolant Red Super concentrates, which must be diluted with demineralized water before use.

The coolant is manufactured using OAT organic acid technology — organic compounds form a protective film with a thickness of 0.1 microns only in corrosion foci, without completely covering the internal cooling system, thereby not reducing its efficiency. The composition is based on the substance “monoethylene glycol”: when diluted with water, it becomes one of the best modern heat carriers in the world. Special additives in the composition of the liquid provide a high degree of protection of the engine cooling system from the formation of sludge, deposits, as well as cavitation and all types of corrosion: spot, electrochemical, crevice, high temperature.

The product will be presented in volumes of 4, 20 and 200 liters and is available for pre-order at official sales offices in the Russian Federation. Since February 2023 and the official Rinnol online stores on the Ozon and Yandex.Market marketplaces.