Motor oil synth. RINNOL QUANT M  0W-30 DPF (e1L)

Motor oil synth. RINNOL QUANT M 0W-30 DPF (e1L)

Article number 193244

RINNOL QUANT M 0W30 DPF – highly efficient fully synthetic engine oil that meets the most stringent requirements of leading manufacturers of modern gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars. Designed to extend the service life and maintain the efficiency of systems to reduce the toxicity of exhaust gases of passenger cars with diesel and gasoline engines in combination with improved fuel economy.


Manufacturer's tolerances ILSAC GF-5, Dexos 1, VW 504.00/507.00, MB 229.52/229.51/229.31

Viscosity 0W-30

Viscosity index 150

Oil composition Synthetic

API Specification SN/CF

ACEA Specification C2/C3

Volume 1

Pour point -42